For some of our smaller hardware and drape, a ladder is not necessary. We do recommend having a ladder for anything above 8′.

We offer a 3-day rental price as our base but we also cater to longer time frames. Feel free to call or email your inquiry.

Depending on the nature of the project or how busy our tables are, the turn around time will vary. For more information, please call or email any specifications and info you have to help support us in determining a timeframe.

Industry standard widths are 10′ but our drapes are 12′-13′ to add a little bit of fullness.

No, we specifically cater to commercial companies specializing in theatre, tv series and cinema.

Approximately 40lbs. However we can modify our inventory of crossbars to accommodate situations where they may be used for something other than drape. We kindly ask that you discuss any of your ideas with us so we can better adapt to the situation.