Project Description



Unsure about what’s required for your event or space? Book an appointment with us and we can ease the confusion with expert advice, measurements and fabric samples. We can help give ideas of how to modify or add to your event/space for the best possible outcome. Check out our Gallery below for more shows and interesting events ideas that we’ve helped create.


The Process

One of our trained employees will come to the site and measure all of the designated areas. They will also review:

  • Access points, dropped ceilings, ventilation areas and anything else that may interfere with the upcoming install
  • Determine if a lift or ladder will be needed
  • Go through the type of look you want, including colours and materials you may need
  • Determine if drapes/thicker velour are needed to black out a window

After this preliminary stage, we can create a quote for all the services we can provide for your event.

If accepted, we would require a 50% deposit. Then we can begin!

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