All of our drape hardware is available for purchase and can be customized for any layout. Our hardware is Canadian manufactured and altered in-house to ensure quality and longevity. We also encourage anyone who has purchased hardware in the past to come in if there are any concerns or damages that we can remedy.


Our bases come in different dimensions. Our bases range from 10” to 24” and all include an adjustable spigot.


Not all of our uprights are telescopic which means they are adjustable from the minimum height to the maximum. We manufacture and sell solid uprights up to a height of 8′ and our telescopic uprights range in size from:
5′-8′, 7′-12′ and 9′-16’.


Like our rental inventory, all of our crossbars are adjustable and can be custom made to fit dimensions requested by our clients. Our stndard sizes include:
3′-5′, 6′-10′, 7′-12′, 10′-16′

We also carry a small inventory of curved crossbars.


We are the ONLY Canadian manufacturer of freestanding drape hardware! Not only can you rent our existing theatrical show drapes, hardware and rigging, you can purchase your own custom designed systems. We also deliver and provide Custom Installations, Event set up and Fire Treatments too. Contact us a for quote today!

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